My Business:
My business consists of making and selling watch straps and bands, vintage watches, and other leather goods. With David Lane Design LLC you have the distinct advantage of working directly with the owner, designer and craftsman. We do our best to exceed your expectations, and if there are any circumstances where customers are not satisfied, we will do our very best to resolve them as soon as possible. Should you have any concerns or questions a lot can be resolved with a quick email to:

All David Lane Design LLC products are completely guaranteed for one year from purchase date. Any product that fails within the first year of ownership may be mailed to David Lane Design for repairs. If your product is beyond repair it will be exchanged for the same product if the same material is available, or an equivalent product. While we do our best to make all orders to exact customer specifications, minor differences in color, size, shape and finish are not guaranteed. David Lane Design LLC will not replace products that have minor differences in specifications: +/- 1 millimeter. Please note that all David Lane Design LLC products are completely hand made and each product will be 100% unique to you, and is part of the beauty of our products.

David Lane Design LLC does not accept responsibility for improperly installed products or product failure do to improper use and or improper installation. David Lane Design LLC does not accept responsibility for failure of, nor guarantees any and all vintage and military leather products due to the unknown and wide variance in age, condition and history of the leather. 

Leather Disclaimer:
Leather is a natural material and is therefore subject to change from hide to hide and with daily use. Changes in the color of the leather and signs of wear are normal. Leather is a natural product and therefore is subject to natural flaws, imperfections and variances. While occasional exposure to water is not a problem, leather is not water proof and exposure to water should be avoided when possible.

Military leather is recycled from previously issued and unissued military equipment. It is common for military leather to have marks, stains, cracks, cuts and minor blemishes. Military leather therefore cannot be guaranteed against premature failure and will not be replaced or refunded by David Lane Design LLC due to failure. Should any of your David Lane Design LLC product show signs of failure, it should not be worn or used. David Lane Design LLC will not accept responsibility for, or replace any, non-David Lane Design LLC product for any reason.

Because we make our products to order, cancellations and/or returns for orders must be made within 1 week from your order date. Refunds will only be given if cancellation and/or return occurs within one week of ordering. An email requesting a refund must be sent to After the first week, only exchanges may be made and will not include return shipping costs incurred by the customer. For all returns on Shell Cordovan and Military Leather products there will be a 75$ restocking fee for each product. All refunds and exchanges will be given once the original product has been returned.

David Lane Design LLC is in no way endorsed by or in affiliation with any watch company. All of the watches pictured on this site, unless noted otherwise, are my own personal timepieces. Any photographs and logos, unless noted otherwise, are owned by David Lane Design LLC and are appropriately trademarked and copyrighted.

Taxes, Duties, Fees and Import/Customs Charges: 

Customers are solely responsible for any and all applicable taxes, customs fees and import charges made by their home country upon import and delivery. David Lane Design LLC is not responsible for these charges or any other expenses charged by the country of import. All fees are to be handled by the customer prior to or upon delivery. Failure to pay these charges may result in loss of refund, loss of goods and or future service from David Lane Design LLC. David Lane Design LLC will not devalue the amount of any order to avoid any applicable taxes, customs fees and import charges.