We specialize in truly hand made leather goods. From custom hand clicked (cut) patterns to hand saddle stitching and edge polishing, our hands touch every component of every piece we make. From start to finish you are purchasing a one of a kind heirloom quality product. We take pride in our work and are happy to share with you how we make our pieces. Please as always, lets us know how we can help, what we can do, or how we can make your experience better. Without you there is no David Lane Design and we thank you for your patronage. 

We source our leather from some of the best tanneries in the world. Goatskin from Alran in France, calfskin from Conceria Walpier in Italy and shell cordovan from Horween in the US. We hand select hides based not only on the reputation of the tannery, but on the temper, thickness, finish, color and texture best fitted to each piece we make. Its critical that our pieces function at the highest level, all while looking aesthetically clean and polished. 
We love what we do! Since I started back in 2008 it has been a passion of mine to make the best quality watch straps I can. That process has changed several times over the years, but one thing has remained constant. PASSION. When you love what you do its easy to drive it to a better place, a tighter tolerance, a better finish. We have and will continue to do just that at David Lane Design. We have added several tools, dies and materials to make a better product, and that will continue on into the future of our brand. 

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